Welcome to the Website of Fráter György Catholic Grammar School

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Where to find us:
Miskolc with a population of about 180.000 inhabitants is considered to be the third largest city in Hungary. It is located 180 km north east of the capital Budapest. It takes you 2 hours to get to Miskolc from the capital either by train or car.
Our school is found in the heart of the city at the beginning of the pedestrian zone, directly next to the Town Hall.
Characteristic Features of Our School
Our grammar school is regarded as a catholic school recognized by the state offering general education. The school is supervised by the Archbishopric of Eger.
 As a state recognized school, we prepare our students for the Final Exams with the same standards as other state owned grammar schools in the region.
 Our school offers 8 grade trainings. The school is coeducational from grade 5th to grade 12th. The staff employs approximately 40 teachers. We have lay teachers, but the compulsory classes of religious education are taught by priests.
Why Catholic?
In our school, teaching is structured to meet all the standards of the state acknowledged curriculum. Religious Education, however, is compulsory, and incorporated in the timetable of our school.
 Regarding its religious distribution, the school is varied.
 The majority of students are Roman Catholic, but about 20 percent of the students belong to different denominations ( Greek Catholic; Protestant; Evangelic), so Christian students of different denominations study together in our school. For exceptional cases we can offer admission to students who have not previously belonged to any religious denomination. However, they are also required to agree to as well as comply with the order and values of our school. As a Church school, all students as well as teachers are expected to identify themselves with the Christian educational principles and keep them.
 The educational activities of the teachers are assisted by a school priest who can also help the students, as well as parents if desired.
 In the course of the academic year, different religious programmes are organised. The aim is to enrich, and make the educational experience of the school even more enjoyable.
1. Besides the national holidays the Catholic holidays are also observed.
 2. Spiritual Retreats are regularly organised.
 3. Class masses are held once a month by class level and 5 times by school level. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Academic Year are held within the scope of a Holy Mass.
 4. A chapel directly attached to the school is open to all members of our school all day.
 5. Every Easter is observed by a Procession of Stations of Cross.
 6. We collaborate with the Caritative Organisations of the city, such as the/Red Cross; and Affection Service of Málta/
 7. The common greeting form accepted in the school is as follows: Laudetur Jesus Christus / In Aeternum Amen.
Goals to be Achieved
• A high level all-inclusive training on the basis of Christian values
 • Education involving the students’ personal development
 • Fostering of the students’ social competencies
 • Education for responsibility, mutual tolerance and respect for others
 • Our aim is to provide our students with a solid foundation of skills, habits and character traits that will serve them and the society for a lifetime
To reach these goals we put great emphasis on intense cooperation with the parents and the church institutions of our city.
Types of Training:
Our school offers three main fields of specialization
• Foreign languages
 • Science
 • Arts
According to the students’ knowledge and interests, maths, languages, Hungarian literature and grammar are taught in small groups. Interested and talented students can opt for supplementing their learning in these subjects by enrolling in an increased number of lessons.
 Apart from the compulsory subjects of general knowledge students are required to learn R. E. (Religious Education), dancing and drama. Motivated and hard-working eleventh and twelfth year students can apply for special training classes where they can prepare for both the standard and the advanced level Final Exams.
 The foreign languages taught in our school are English, German, French, Italian and Latin.
 From the 5th to 8th grade, students are required to learn one foreign language which is followed by a second one in the ninth year.